Geld Geld and more Geld!

Zurich is a pretty money city, and the most undiscerning eye would gather as much. Its people pretty and kind and its legislative system, it would go without saying, intensely democratic. So much so that it would seem at some point in its history, Switzerland passed what one could only assume was a to the t democratically drafted piece of legislation to limit all noise and any noise-inside or out-public event or private to 100 decibels. I’m no audiologist and nor would I assume you, dear reader, to be either…but I’ll tell you this: 100db is a tall

order for us. But we turned the amps around and played ball nonetheless with our gracious hosts at Rote Fabrik (a converted fabric factory on the banks of the lake) and had a blast and were fed generous helpings of greens and fish from the lake. The spreads backstage on this, our first European tour, have been impressive but they tend to lean pretty heavy on the meat/cheese/bread side and shy away from leaves and such. Love from Matt (and R & K who share my sentiments exactly, I’m sure).

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    Turn it up, kids! So proud to hear that you guys are giving them the business in Europe. Safe travels & keep rockin’ them faces. :) )

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